What you don’t Know “GIT”!

Get “GIT” / Got “GIT”/ GOOD!

What is “GIT” : this can be answered right here at, https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/what-is-git. this is the definition that Atlassian would want you to rebut when some one ask this question.

For me this is what I tell everyone. Git is a “CMD” not just any CMD, however this cmd is special. As a software cmd that name is not a good justifiable one for this “Version control set-up. This one has several other tools that come along with it they are as follows, starting at https://github.com/, you can sign up for free, buy a subscription, get information, and more. I would suggest starting with this one here, this is the GitHub desk top application.

then it will guide you through setting you up this here below is t t you will need this is the Gitbash cmd. however it i not exclusive to this cmd. You can link any of the cmd’s out to git such as Kite, Microsoft native PowerShell, Android studios, and more.

In short if you would like to know more you can,

  1. . Reach out for a more detailed instructions list.
  2. simply go to https://github.com/ and sign up, download, and install to get started.