Making Headway on the Highway, the “FUN” begins!

For most at this point it is pretty strait forward you have your project open. You have linked it to your GIT repository. First I would like to apologies, as this one is going to be slightly longer than the writings before this one, due to I have missed a few days of writing dealing with the curve balls that come with life. As well with that, as I started back to work on the project I got in to some what of a grove and, to be frank, simply forgot or over looked recording or screen shoots of the workflow for the grey-boxing however I do have some of it I did not convert in a test scene I will use for this writing.

As someone that suffers from severe adult onset ADHD, ( not using as excuse to not do things as if you have or know someone with will understand the correlation in the following statements).

“it has begun!”

As having a some what debilitating complexation as such I find that only the one suffering can know if it it truly debilitating to them or not. As such one can overcome and compensates, any one that knows this adversity can tell you it affects every one differently, however in a lot of ways the same. one thing I always had an issue even when growing up had a hard time focusing on any one subject at a prolonged time frame. I have found that with the, not to coin a phrase, “Job of wearing many HATS”

as I have heard in the gaming community several years ago when I was a game art and animation student going for an internship was boosted to a project production lead and as such I learned just what that saying meant.

I found that game development and with all the diversity and different job titles that goes along with it from developer, level design, art, 2d-3d, animation, vfx, audio, sfx, ui/ux, post production marketing, analytics, all of it a whole world of its very own. In all of this where most find confusion and kayos I found comfort, I felt at ease which is something I did not have for a long time. I found that the call for the owner of that little studio was right in what he saw in me. and I will leave it at that and get t the topic at hand here and why that this intro I felt had to be said and shared as the work flow moves forward, and as such is not totally the conventional way that development is taught as I did have to fine a common ground to tie it all together in a way that works for me just as in this write up should have been on the formatting of the unity UI getting the project up and running and starting the workflow on the player character and have done several times prior to this.

As in this build here was done as, my first one built from the Udemy version in Unity 2017 right before it was updated to Unity version 2019+ and as looking back on this I see now what I could have done differently, 8 other builds followed this one I have yet published a version due to I have not felt that I had it to the point I was comfortable with to publish enough to the point to where it does not so much look like every other copy out.

Now with this said The build at present as still following the course protocols however optimizing as I go through with things, like added my namespace for a custom character manager system, updated UI/UX

as this is being made currently as a standalone it is also going to be one of the main features in the game that is currently in production, “Zombie Fleet” it will be the space travel and random battle encounters while in space flight.

I will end this with that note and catch up to speed ….next time on….




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